Exfoliating Body Scrub Exfoliator Glove - Eraser Mitt Loofah Dry Dead Flakey Skin Tan Remover Cleansing Gloves for Bath Sponge Shower Spa Body Brush Soap Wash Exfoliate Arms Legs Face Cloth (Aquamarine)

  • REMOVE DEAD DRY SKIN IN SECONDS - the perfect Moroccan Spa Quality exfoliating scrubber glove scrunchie for all of your exfoliator body and facial scrub needs. Often used and Compatible with black soap, sugar scrub, coffee scrub, shea butter moisture, shower gels and as a shower bath sponge scrunchy.
  • ★ HEAVY-DUTY LONG-LASTING PREMIUM QUALITY - Don't waste your time and money on cheap imitations which disintegrate after a few uses. Exfoliate properly with this exfoliating brush natural yet abrasive surface. Kessa Spa Treatment Hammam Exfoliating Glove made from plant fibre as a textured body exfoliator. Body wash in the bath or shower. Foams well with soap or hand scrub.
  • ERASE TAN, FAKE TAN, FLAKY SKIN, DEAD CELLS, MOISTURISER - Much better than a luffa soap, wash bath sponge or the traditional Bamboo Loofah for removing sunless false tan. This product will leave your skin rejuvenated, healthy and glowing, ready for your next self-tanning or moisturiser. Other Exfoliating bath sponge or shower sponges can be rough and tough on the skin, whereas this product is made from natural plant fibres to be delicate yet effective.
  • REVITALISE YOUR WHOLE BODY - The Exfolimitt Buffs away patchy skin cells and hair, giving that perfect exfoliation, whilst helping to reduce ingrowing hairs, cellulite and eczema. Instead of using a harsh body brush, these exfoliating gloves are perfect to replace numerous shower accessories, shower brush, and shower sponges with an environmentally friendly product. These exfoliating brush glove socks are commonly used instead of a shower puff or bath puff with luffa soap.
  • AVAILABLE IN A CHOICE OF 2 COLOURS - Pink or Aquamarine. Unisex for Men and Women Adults and Children. Don't rely on using a harsh face scrub or body scrub, but instead use eco-friendly products as your new bath accessories. Multi-purpose facial scrub, foot scrubber, washing gloves and even eczema gloves. This body scrubber comes complete with a sealable hygienic carry travel bag to keep your shower tidy.
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