Henna Powder: Facts and Uses

Henna Powder: Facts and Uses


You probably heard about Henna as hair dye. It is maybe one of the widespread use of henna powder. But aside from giving you bright hair color, Henna is more than that.

It can take care of your hair beyond your expectations. In fact, it is used as an ingredient to a lot of hair beauty products. 

Discover how you can benefit from Henna powder and made you realize that it isn’t something limited to just a hair dye.



What it is made of?

Henna is a plant which usually grows in tropical or sub-tropical countries.

It is most common by its scientific name which is Lawonia Inermis.

It becomes as tall as 24 feet with small pink-colored flowers.

Its leaves are dried and crushed or powdered.

The powder form is the ones used in cosmetics, hair care, and hair dye products.

It also is useful as a temporary tattoo, dye for nails, hands and even clothing.

The Henna Powder contains substances that are believed to fight against certain infections. 


Uses of Henna to Hair and Scalp

1. Hair Conditioner

Henna can seal the hair shaft and strengthens the hair threads. As a result, your hair becomes smooth and silky, and with no split ends.


  • Mix Henna with enough amount of water to form a thick paste
  • Add three tablespoon of lemon juice. 
  • Mix it well and leave for 30 minutes
  • Then add two tablespoon curd

The mixture can be directly applied to your hair. Rinse off the substance with a regular shampoo.


2. Scalp Care Product

Henna can nourish, and soothe irritation in the scalp, which made it an excellent treatment for dandruff.

It helps stop itchiness and dryness and prevents the same from coming back.

Henna Anti-dandruff Mixture:

  • Get enough amount of Henna and add a teaspoon of mustard oil. 
  • Soak methi seeds overnight and grind the next morning
  • Add the ground methi to the Henna and mustard oil mixture

Once you have mixed everything and form a paste, the substance can be directly applied to the scalp.

Massage it gently. Rinse the Henna mixture off after 30 minutes and wash it using a regular shampoo. Then condition.

When applied on the scalp, it maintains the natural alkaline-acid balance. It can even remove dirt naturally.

Overall, it helps improve hair health. It prevents breakage and increases its shine and appearance.


3. Hair Dye

As earlier noted, Henna Powder is popular as Hair dye, that provides a wonderfully colored hair.


  • Prepare your Henna powder (100g for short hair, 200g for shoulder length, 400g for waist length)
  • Add an adequate amount of water, enough to create a paste
  • Add lemon juice while stirring 
  • Cover the bowl where you mixed the ingredients with a towel and leave it for full-day until it produces brownish color

The mixture can be applied to the hair directly.

Once you have fully covered your hair with the paste, let it sit for two hours, Rinse it off with regular shampoo and them condition.



Other Henna Uses and Benefits

1. Improves Quality of Nails

Bacteria usually houses under the nails if not cleaned regularly.

And even cleaning, there is no assurance that you have eliminated the germs.

Henna contains antibacterial properties that keep the infectious bacteria away.

It also prevents inflammation and cracking.

Apply Henna Paste to your nails regularly to improve the health of your nails.


2. Faster Wound Healing

The ability of Henna to prevent inflammation and to protect the skin against infection is remarkable.

The paste can be applied to wounds or skin burns. It has a cooling ability that sucks the heat from the skin, and at the same time, it creates a protective layer that protects the damaged skin against pathogens. 


Henna is a fantastic plant with an amazing promise of hair health.

The properties it produces provides a lot of benefits. It is always one of the organic products that will help in maintaining a smooth and shiny hair. 


So next time you think of getting hair medicines that will damage your hair, get your self a chance to experience Henna Powder. It won’t give you the damaging effect. Instead, it will provide you with an impressive result.


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