Relaxing Beauty Régime Before Bedtime

Relaxing Beauty Régime Before Bedtime

Skincare routine is neglected most of the time, especially when you got home tired and felt like you have no more energy left.

However, having a skin care régime can be very beneficial, and no matter how tired you are, you need to spare few minutes in cleaning your face and skin, as the dirt may penetrate to your pores and cause breakouts or acne.   

Skincare routine, also known as a beauty routine, is vital for the primary reason that it helps remove bacteria from your skin and allow a refreshing start as you wake up the next day.

Your skin will not just turn beautiful without the effort of maintaining and caring for it, and it must be consistent. Beautiful skin takes time. 


Here are the things you must do to maintain healthy glowing skin.

1. Do the Double Cleansing

Your skin needs to breathe. And allowing the dirt to stay in your face overnight may cause clogging and results to infection, making your skin to look dull and dry. Washing it could help eliminate unwanted dirt and bacteria. 


When you are using makeup, you have to clean your face twice. This is because most of the makeup contains a polymer that is not eliminated with water and soap. Use an oil-based cleanser or organic oils like argan oil that has an astringent effect and helps in removing makeup. After that, you can use a mild soap to remove the residue from your skin. 


2. Go for Steam

Steaming your skin can open pores and loosen any built-up dirt, which is good to allow deep cleansing and release acne-causing bacteria. It also softens blackheads and makes them easy to remove. Steaming isn't only a way of cleaning your skin, but it will also give you a relaxing feeling and promotes proper blood circulation.


One way of doing easy facial steam is by using a hand towel. Soak it in hot water, and once the hotness is warm enough to handle, you can use it to pat against your face. Another way is giving yourself a hot shower and before washing your face, allow it for a minute or two to get that steaming effect. The two procedure will provide you with the same result: help loosen dirt, sweat, and oil.


3. Exfoliate

When dead skin cells stay on your skin, it will result in dry and dull skin. Our skin shed naturally to give way for the newer skin. This mean when you are not exfoliating your skin, the soft and smooth surface that you have today may look dull the next day. Exfoliating the skin every other day or twice a week can significantly help in maintaining skin health. 


You can use your usual facial scrub. Add organic natural oil to it like Argan Oil or Frankincense essential oil as these can help in removing dead skin cells, without the adverse side effect. Since they are natural oils and organic, it is sure to be safe to use.


4. Moisturize

Consistently moisturizing your face will prevent dryness and help in slowing down the appearance of skin aging. There are a lot of factors that would dry out your skin: makeup application, sun exposure, heat exposure indoor. That is why you need to moisturize your skin to maintain its moisture and keeping t hydrated. 


Use Castor oil or any organic oil that helps in restoring the natural moisture of the skin. Apply it to your skin after cleansing and before lying down to sleep. Gently massage your skin in a circular motion to give you a relaxing feeling. You can even use a facial massaging tool like Jade Roller for a calming massage effect. 




Never neglect skin care regimen as this is one way to improve and maintain healthy look of your skin.

A 5 to 10-minute beauty routine isn't that time-consuming.

This daily regimen will not only promote skin health but also help you to relax after that long day at work.


Remember to use the organic products on these routines to make sure the glow is natural and won't give you the redness reaction of those chemical-based products that may be harsh to your skin. 


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