Tips on How to Protect Your Skin During Summer

Tips on How to Protect Your Skin During Summer


Summer is one of the beautiful seasons when everyone heads to the hottest part of the earth and enjoy the heat of the sun.

This is also the season when you want to see the calm ocean and experience beach parties. Vacations and travels are at a peak during this time. 


While most people love summer, there are also some who are avoiding the heat of the sun because they believe it is harmful to the skin.

True enough that even 15-minute exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays may cause damage.

But do you want to stay under the shades when everybody is out partying with the sun?

There are many ways to join the beat of summer without risking skin health.



Here are a few tips you can consider

Avoid the Sun between 10 AM to 2 PM

These are the hours when the sun is in the most intense and may be harsh to the skin, and prolong exposure may lead to some forms of skin cancer.

This is also the time when you are more likely to have a sunburn.

So when you are outside during these hours of the day, always seek shade to cover yourself.

You may use a hat or long clothing that will provide your skin less exposure to the sun, or you can carry an umbrella. 



Keep Skin Hydrated

When exposed to the extreme heat of the sun, the moisture of your skin will slowly disappear and may dry out your skin, making it prone to irritation and sunburn.

Keeping it hydrated is very useful. Consistently spray liquid to the surface of your skin or face to catch up with the lost fluid.

This will make you look fresh, even when outdoor with the sun.

You can use Rosewater to help maintain the required moisture, as it sets into your pores and provides mild hydration.

Also, Rosewater has nutrients that help in keeping the skin's pH balance.

So get a handy spray bottle and fill it with Rosewater. Spray it when necessary!



Use sunscreen when outdoor

Remember to apply sunscreen when you plan to stay outdoor.

This will serve as a protective layer against ultraviolet rays.

Choose a mild so that you won't get the chemical side effects.

You can also use Frankincense essential oil before applying the sunscreen, so you still have added protection.

When you're in doubt if still protected, you can always reapply.



Consistently Check Your Skin

You can always feel if your skin hurts.

But there may be times that you won't notice the damage until they are there.

Always remember to check your skin.

Educate yourself to treat burns immediately.

Organic oils like frankincense and castor contain anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe sunburn and redness in the skin due to excessive heat.

This is also to make sure you don't cause severe damage to your skin.



Drink Water

Water is your best friend in many cases, including the summer season.

Never go out without you carrying a bottle of water.

Keeping your body hydrated will help you cool down, especially during the high heat, and avoid heat stroke. 




Summer is a good season, and this is when good vacation happens.

This is the perfect time to travel or go for a nice, relaxing swim and see the world underwater.

So while you enjoy the beauty of nature, let the quality also take care of you through the organic products that offer endless benefits, including protect you against the sun or treat skin conditions that cause by summer heat.

When you are out for a trip and partying, never forget to bring some essential oils or equivalent organic product that will help you maintain skin health. 


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