Indigo Powder: Facts, Benefits,and Uses

Indigo Powder: Facts, Benefits,and Uses

Achieve a Nicely-colored Hair with

Indigo Powder

The organic Indigo Powder is used as a dye material since ancient times.

Many are lured to try and apply the product to their hair as it gives a significant effect.

It is recognized to be an excellent coloring substance as well, which can be used to the hair or as an ingredient for a temporary tattoo. 

While there can be a lot of information you probably hear about the product, there are a few things you need to establish in your mind before trying out the indigo powder.


Things to Know about Indigo


Indigo belongs to the legume species.

The name Indigo came from the Roman term “Indicum” which means a product of India.

Indeed the plant is known to have originated from the country, and when it was discovered, people from other countries in Asia started to plant the same for their use. 

The most common process of producing Indigo Powder is by crushing dried leaves of Indigo plant.

The leaves are used since it has a high amount of dye molecules — the reason why it has been used as hair dye, temporary tattoo, or for coloring fabric.



Indigo as a Chemical-free hair dye


While there can be many ways to uses Indigo, some people prefer to apply it to their hair as it has been tested as an excellent hair care product.

Pure Indigo powder is purely natural, and 100% naturally obtained.

So when you apply it to the hair, you can always expect a right quality color without the adverse effect, like hair damage, breakage or weak hair roots and split ends.

Since Indigo contains no chemicals, when using it as hair dye, it helps deposit the color on the outer surface of the hair and locks in the nutrients.

It also provides a variety of shades when mixed with Henna. The use of Indigo is safe and has no known side effects.

Indigo powder is actually color green but gradually will become blue when applied to the hair and comes in contact with air. 


Common Benefits of Using Indigo Powder to Hair


The application of Indigo powder will not only give you more than just radiant colored hair. 


  1. It fights dandruff
  2. It treats and prevents the occurrence of premature graying of hair
  3. It supports hair growth
  4. It is nutritious to the hair that made it shiny and smooth
  5. The color produced by the product can completely cover gray hair.



Ways of Using Indigo as Hair Dye

1. Black

  • Mix a pack of Indigo Powder with an adequate amount of water. Then leave it for 10-30 minutes. 
  • If you have a lighter colored hair, use Henna first then wash it off, otherwise, you can use the mixture directly.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for at least 2 hours or a maximum of 3 hours. 
  • Wash it off with water

After applying, you may opt not to use shampoo for at least two days to allow the color to sip.

Make sure it doesn’t touch your skin as it can be hard to remove. Use glove when applying the indigo mixture to your hair.



2. Brown Shade


Get a pack of indigo powder and mix it with enough amount of Hanna powder and let it sit for 5 to 6 hours.

The proportions you mixed with Henna may result in different brown shades.

You can experiment to achieve the desired brown shade.

The effect of Indigo will last for 4-12 weeks. The color will fade depending on the hair thickness. 




Indigo Powder is one of the excellent products you can use to get a nicely colored and healthy hair.

It provides no side effect as it is purely natural and organic; however, it is still vital to ensure no allergies occur by doing a quick patch test to your skin or part of your forehead.

Getting a variety of colors can be achieved when using it with Henna Powder. 


Indigo will not only give you a beautiful looking hair, but it also moisturizes your scalp and treats dandruff.

There is nothing to lose in trying the products. Get yours now from Sidra.

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