6 Best Uses and Health Benefits of Castor Oil


6 Best Uses and Health Benefits of Castor Oil


Castor oil is extracted from the Ricinus Communis plant, also known as Castor Bean, which is native to some tropical countries in Asia or Africa. Though the bean has a toxic enzyme called ricin, it is eliminated through heating. The heating process is part of the procedure in producing castor oil, making it still safe to consume and use. Castor oil possess desirable properties such as anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial that support health improvement. It is also useful as a moisturizer.


Castor oil has offered numerous benefits for cosmetics and medical purposes. Here are the top benefits and uses of castor essential oil one can enjoy.


Use for Acne Prevention


Castor oil is known as an excellent use for cosmetic. With castor oil, the possibility of acne development is lesser because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It also has Ricinoleic acid that can prevent the growth of bacteria in the face, which causes skin irregularities like acne. The oil can also enhance the softness and smoothness once applied to the facial skin as it is rich in fatty acids. These fatty acids present in castor oil may also promote the growth of skin tissues and can support an even skin tone.


Use as natural Conditioner for Healthy Hair and Scalp


A large number of people has been using castor oil as a conditioner. Since it is a fatty oil, it helps moisturize the scalp and lubricates hair shaft that decreases the chance of hair breakage. People who are experiencing scalp abnormalities like dandruff may definitely benefit when applying castor oil. It can eliminate dryness, irritation, and help reduce flaking.


Promotes Oral Health


A test tube study has shown that castor oil can help defeat Candida Albicans, a type of fungus that causes dental and oral problems such as gum infection, root canal infection, and plaque overgrowth. The antifungal property of castor oil is responsible for keeping fungus away. It is also helpful in treating denture-related stomatitis, which is well-known to elders who wear dentures.


Useful for Healing Wounds


Castor oil has proven to be useful for faster healing of all wound types. The oil stimulates the growth of new tissues and serves as protection to decrease the risk of infection. It also reduces dryness and prevents the build-up of dead skin cells that is usually delay the healing of the wound.


Use as Natural Skin Moisturizer


Castor oil is an excellent skin moisturizer because it contains triglycerides, which is useful in maintaining the moisture in the skin. The oil can also help the skin stay hydrated by drawing moisture from the air and into the skin. Its antimicrobial property may also be used as a protective agent that prevents infections caused by bacteria.


Use as Natural Laxative


Probably the most popular use of castor oil is its ability to increase the movement of abdominal muscles that push consumed foods through the intestine, which results in a regular bowel movement. Once castor oil is consumed, it releases its primary fatty acid called ricinoleic acid when it reaches the small intestine. The intestine absorbed these fatty acids creating a strong laxative effect.


The use of Castor oil is useful and probably the most ineffective way in dealing with the skin, and facial problems. Apply a small amount of castor oil directly to the skin or dilute it with oil carriers for faster absorption.

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